Sunday, 20 Sep 2020

Online Poker and Live Poker: Which You Find Better?

Are you thinking which poker format is better? Do you prefer Live Poker or Online Poker? What you think is a right option for playing your favorite poker game? Or you have not played poker live & wish to know how this feels. Not to worry, I will discuss the whole thing about poker online and Live Poker over here. Poker online at Judi online has got their own ups & down. Even the Live Poker game has got their ups and down. So, I will be discussing the up’s & down of the Online poker and Live Poker in complete detail.

Generally poker online is a right option if you do not have any nearby casinos. Also, you will get a lot of statistics when you are playing on internet. However, when playing Live, you can experience atmosphere where many people will take part. This can be the awesome experience for you to feel and be the part of. Read the whole article and know the difference between the online poker & Live Poker.


 Is Poker Online harder?

The common question that every one of us comes over is which Poker format is simple to play? If we compare the online poker and live poker, it is one question that holds many players from playing live and online. Answer is Online is a bit tough to play compared to Live. There’re many reasons for that. Let us look at it.


Online players are quite serious than the live players.

Poker online is generally played by serious players who’re looking to earn money. Most of the players are quite young and value money. Players who are playing online generally do not have much money & their primary motive is winning. To compete with such players is tough and chances of winning the game are less if you are the good player.


 You win more money in the Live than Online

When playing online poker, you generally begin the poker career in lower stakes. Majority of the people play $25 NL online. It’s really tough to make $100 after playing the game for many hours. Also, with a rake, there is not much of profit in playing on internet. However, in the live poker game, to play $1 or 2 No limit game you have to buy in $1000 – $2000. Thus, you will win more in the live poker compared to the online poker.